Like everything else in life, owning a hamster has ups and downs, pros and cons. Before thinking any deeper into whether or not to get a hamster, make sure you take all of the pros and cons of owning a hamster into consideration. I also have an article on “ Is a Hamster Right for you?” if you want to dig deeper into owning hamsters. 

Every night, you can come home and know that your adorable hamster is waiting to play or snuggle.Hamsters put extra work onto those long and exhausting days. 
Having a hamster means that you will always have something to do when you are bored. Even if your hamster isn’t awake, you can still make toys and prepare salads, and even go shopping.If not cleaned properly, cages can start to stink
Many of the necessities for a hamster can be made yourself instead of bought from a store. Some DIYs are even safer and better than the items from the store!Hamsters aren’t always cheap. Put some of those savings away for your furry ball of fluff because food and bedding aren’t a one time buy.
Petting an animal reduces stress hormones and cuddling them makes people happy. Hamsters make you smile when you need it the most and they are so funny and entertaining.Hamster owners can become stressed out if something is going on with your hamster like illness, vet trips, and even death
Because hamsters have shorter life spans, they can be good for before college and they are less of a commitment than a rabbit or dog.Hamsters only live up to three years so you don’t get a very long time with them. 
Hamsters put some of those extra toilet paper tubes and popsicle sticks into use. They also give you something to do with free time.If you make things for your hamsters yourself, your family will be constantly asking why the glue sticks are used up or why the popsicle sticks are gone and they will keep having to buy more. DIYs can also be a hassle. 
You can never run out of things to do with your hamster. Sometimes, you don’t get to run by your own schedule and you run by your hamster’s instead. 
Most hamsters are nocturnal, so for all of those night owls out there, you will finally have something to keep you company when everyone else is asleep. Hamsters are nocturnal, so for all of those kids out there, you might not see your hamster very often
Hamsters are quiet animals, if the cage is set up right. Depending on what wheel you buy, your hamster can make a bit of noise at night.

Depending on how many of these affect you, you may or may not be ready for a hamster. While hamsters take work and research, they are little bundles of joy and deserve all the love they can get. 

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