Doodle has passed away. This was shocking, but not completely unexpected. As you know, Doodle was almost two years old, which is around when a hamster becomes a senior. I got Doodle on August 13, 2019 and he passed on February 8, 2020. May he rest in peace.

The night before, I had not been able to find Doodle in his cage. Usually, when I ruffle the bedding a little, he would poke his head out to come and see me, but on that night, he didn’t. I started panicking, and kept looking for him. When I finally found him under the wheel, he was sleeping peacefully. I picked him up and started to calm down as he slept in my hand. He woke up and drowsily ate a treat while I continued to pet him. He seemed happy, but the fact that this is not his personality was nagging at my mind. Doodle is a very active hamster and him sleeping in my hand is something that would never happen, unless he was sick. When I went to bed that night, I laid him down in his bedding, where he would be warm from the winter chill.

This is Doodle sleeping on my hand

The next morning, I woke and immediately went to check on Doodle. When I found him, he was in the exact spot where I had left him the night before, only in a slightly different position. He was laying almost on his side with his head out in front of him, but he wasn’t breathing. I knew then, at that moment that he had passed away.

Doodle had a loving, active personality and he will always be remembered.

Some of Doodle’s Favorites
  • Vegetable- Broccoli
  • Toy- His wheel
  • Time of day- Around 8-10 pm
  • Cheek pouch- Right
  • Activity- Scatter-Feeding and snuggling
  • Treat- Oats
Some things about Doodle
  • He likes climbing more than burrowing
  • He is not nocturnal
  • He likes being petted right behind his head and on his sides.
  • He’s great at mazes
  • He has a good nose
  • He’s really fast

Hi! My name is Hailey and I created this blog as a place for me to post my knowledge, advice, experiences, and interest.


  1. Gaby


    I’m so sorry I saw this so late I hope doodle is running around up in hamster heaven and may he rest in peace. I’m so sorry.

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