Chip is a male winter white dwarf hamster. I got him at the same time as Doodle. Chip and Doodle are also brothers by blood. Chip has a black coat with a grey belly. He also has a jet black stripe down his back. He has a slightly wider face and bright white paws that makes it look like he is wearing mittens. In the winter, the white color of Chip’s belly climbs up his sides. Though he doesn’t turn fully white like wild winter whites, his coat does show noticeable color change.
Though Chip is tame, he is also cage aggressive. This means he wants his own space and he gets stressed when someone else is in his cage. Chip does not enjoy being out of his cage either. If he got his way, he would spend his life without leaving his bed.
Chip doesn’t like people at all, he is definitely more of an introvert and he doesn’t like being held. Chip is timid and shy, but he also likes to sleep a lot, add these two facts together and you can guess that I don’t see him as often as I’d like to.
Unlike Doodle, Chip likes to burrow. He will burrow more often than he is on the surface. For example, if Chip wants to go from his underground bed to the wheel, he will make a tunnel all the way across the cage and pop up when he is right in front it the wheel. When he does this, he looks like on of those rodents in movies where you see the ground rise up above their tunnel while the move but then you see a head pop out at the end of the tunnel. Because of Chip’s love for burrowing, I gave him the cage with no bars and more room for bedding when Chip and Doodle got in a fight.
When I first got Chip and Doodle, they were originally housed together. At around 6-7 months of being housed together, they got into a small fight. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I split them up. Doodle got the taller cage for his love of heights and tubes while Chip got the wider cage for his love of burrowing. After some research, I learned that the reason they fought is because Doodle hit maturity and he got more aggressive toward Chip because he wanted his own space. When I separated them and did a health check, I found that Doodle was fine but Chip had a bite on his stomach. When trying to show dominance, a hamster will bite the other hamster’s belly. Both Chip and Doodle are fine now but they will not be housed together again.
Chip is picky with food. He doesn’t eat hardly any pellets, but when I give him vegetables he will eat them like it’s his last meal. His favorite treats are oats and unsalted almonds. Chip’s favorite vegetables are celery and broccoli.
Chip is a very unique hamster. Everything that’s different about him makes me love him even more.

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