Doodle is a male winter white dwarf hamster. He and Chip are brothers, but they live separately due to a fight they had earlier. Doodle is brown and white with a narrow face. He has a dark brown stripe down his back and a white belly. In the winter, the white of his belly creeps up his sides. He doesn’t turn completely white like a winter white in the wild, but he does have a noticeable difference in his coat.
Doodle is completely tame and he enjoys being held. He really likes it when I breathe down his back using my nose. He also likes to be in small spaces, even when I just close my hands around his body to make a small heated bed. While being held, Doodle will try to climb into my elbow. It is more secure there and he even falls asleep in my elbow sometimes.
When Doodle is happy, I will hold him up to my face and he will lick my nose. Doodle is the first hamster that I have had that does this. Doodle is an affectionate hamster. He will cuddle and kiss and it just melts my heart.
Doodle not only enjoys small spaces, he also likes heights. Whenever his cage has a higher level, he will spend all day in the highest spot. Because of this factor, I gave Doodle the cage with the tubes and Chip the cage with more floor space when they got in a fight.
Doodle is unique. For example, most hamsters have food hoards. Doodle doesn’t. He has a portable one. He will store his food in his cheeks, but he won’t ever empty his cheeks until he eats the food. Also, Doodle never burrows. The purpose of a tube is to replicate a burrow, but Doodle doesn’t want the real thing. Doodle likes tubes, but he won’t make burrows.
Doodle is a very unique hamster. He is unlike any hamster I have ever seen. That is one of the reasons why I love him so much.

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