It is hard to decide on a perfect pet. There are so many pros and cons of owning any animal. You have to make sure that the pet you decide on is absolutely perfect in every way so that you never regret taking another living thing under your care. 

Does a hamster fit in with your family needs?

    Sometimes, different families have different rules. Somebody might be afraid of rodents. Somebody may be allergic to a hamster, it’s food, or has any problem with you getting a pet.  You may need to work out some issues and sometimes, a hamster just won’t cut it. 

Do you have the time and money for a hamster?

    You may need to spend a little more money than you are willing to spend. Hamsters can get to be relatively expensive with the ongoing necessities like food, bedding, and toys. But a lot of their things can be homemade. Before you set the decision in stone, make a budget and see how much can be made yourself, how much can be found somewhere less expensive than a pet store, and how much you just have to buy. Also, you need to have some daily time to spare. Hamsters need to have time out of their cage every day and they need to be tamed. If you have enough time and money to spare for a little ball of fluff, you will have better chances for enriching your hamster. 

Are you willing to add more things to the To-do list for this pet?

    Many people think that hamsters are low maintenance pets and are great for little children. This is one of the many myths of hamster care. Hamsters need a lot of work. Their cage needs to be spot cleaned weekly and fully cleaned twice a month. Hamsters should be fed every other day or daily, depending on how much they eat. Hamsters also need to be tamed, trained, and just loved. Spending time with a hamster reduces stress and they make you smile when you need it most. Anyway, hamsters need effort and work, but if you really enjoy having a hamster, the work won’t seem like work at all. 

Are you okay with not seeing your hamster throughout the day?

    Hamsters are crepuscular and sometimes nocturnal (It depends on the hamster). This means they will either be awake at dusk and dawn, or at night. If you are a nightowl, a nocturnal or crepuscular pet may work well for you. If you like to sleep as much as possible, you may want to get another pet that is awake during the day. Just make sure that if you do get a hamster, you don’t wake it up in the day. How would you feel if you were up all night working and someone wouldn’t let you sleep the next day? It’s the same for hamsters, they need their sleep and they may bite or nip if they’re grumpy when awoken. 

Hamsters aren’t for everyone, but if you are okay with all of the aspects of hamster owning that I covered, you will not regret getting a new hamster.

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  1. Laurie Herchenroder


    Hi Hailey! You are a great writer! Very professional! I’m trying to talk my hubby into getting a hamster specifically for our son Bryce. I think he would enjoy taking care of a “little ball fo fluff!” ☺️ We are all out of the house five days a week for long hours and I was thinking that a hamster that sleeps all day would be just the right kind of pet. My hubby remains unconvinced as of yet. I’m still working on him! 😋😋

    • Thank you! I really hope you can convince him to get a hamster. They really are a lot of fun. Also, you mentioned not being home very often. A hamster needs at least ten minutes of playtime each day and of course they need to be fed. Just make sure that the hamster isn’t neglected. Also, certain hamsters have different sleeping schedules. Not all are completely nocturnal. Make sure you are prepared for anything. Also, if you need any help, I already have a post on what you need for a hamster cage and a post on if a hamster is the right hamster for your family. I wish you luck on your new “little ball of fluff”. 🥰

  2. BorrowingEel


    Thanks I did not know if I should get a hamster, but now I do! Thank you so much!

  3. Allie


    I read through all of this and it really is long…seems like you took a lot of time and effort writing this! Good job!

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