Have you ever considered housing two hamsters together? In a dilemma whether or not to get one or two? Well, let me answer your questions.

Chinese and Syrian Hamsters should never be in a pair
Both Syrian and Chinese hamsters are solitary. They cannot live with a partner of any sort. They live alone in the wild and they will not tolerate a partner in their cage. Most Syrian and Chinese hamsters that have been paired together end up fighting. If you have ever seen Syrians in pairs or groups, do not be fooled. Most of the successful pairs of Syrians or Chinese hamsters have been under 6 months of age. Like humans, hamsters become more territorial and aggressive once they reach maturity. Therefore, it is always best to keep Syrian and Chinese hamsters solitary.

Dwarf Hamsters
In the wild, dwarf hamsters live in colonies. Dwarfs live in colonies for two reasons; safety and reproduction. In captivity, they don’t need either of these. Though they can live together, Dwarf hamsters do not need to because they are not social like rabbits or guinea pigs. In my personal experience, my two winter white dwarf hamsters got in a fight and I had to separate them. When housing two hamsters together, always make sure you have an extra cage on hand, just in case. 

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